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Scottsdale Park Suites Reviews & Testimonials


The girls were fantastic always there to help you. Really enjoyed the park view.
Gerald & Beverly Williams 5/31/2013  Customer Lobby

Users-icon2Great staff, always receive help or information when requested. Out of 12 websites searched, this was the only one to respond and accomodate. 
Eugene B., 5/30/2013  Customer Lobby 

Users-icon2We stayed for a month vacation at Scottsdale Park Suites and just loved it. The rooms are bright, clean and well furnished. Two flat screen modern TVs, the kitchen was very well equipped with everything you could need. The grounds are immaculate. The whole place is very well run, peaceful and attractive. Everything is kept up to scratch. The girls in the office are great, friendly and helpful. The position on N.Miller Road alongside the Green Belt is very quiet. The freebies are fantastic and well worth taking advantage of. Maintenance and housekeeping staff were in evidence daily, cleaning carpets, replacing broken appliances, checking on the rooms etc. Nothing is too much trouble. So if you are looking for a long stay apartment, I can thoroughly recommend Scottsdale Park Suites. Any niggles? Well just one tiny little one - oh how we would have loved a kettle!
MaryAnne, 5/12/2013  TripAdvisor

Users-icon2I have just spent 5 months at the Scottsdale Park Suites. The staff here are very friendly for the most part. It's almost May now so quite a few of the people have left for the summer. The summer's in Phoenix are no joke, when it comes to heat. Haha. There are a lot of amenities included, such as a gym pass, cable, internet, monthly light housekeeping.
When you get here I would definitely try to negotiate the price, since there are a couple of residents here on yearly contracts that are paying 30% less than what I paid. Initially I signed up for a 3 month lease contract and then when I moved in decided to stay for 6 months instead (still one month left). That actually cost me a bit more money, because another guy walked in when I got here and got a price that was 100 less per month from the same 6 month contract. I was going to complain about it, but I already signed the lease. So make sure to negotiate before signing anything. Also you'll have a better chance of getting a good deal if you come here in the summer or negotiate a longer stay.
Overall my experience here has been very good. There is a Pizza Joint, Denny's and a Sports Bar next door to it, which is great for catching a meal, when you don't feel like cooking. I didn't bring any pots or pans, so I haven't cooked any meals at all since being here, lol. I eat a lot of granola cereal. They have coupons for free food every day, but most of them are junk food or high calorie so I try to avoid them. Haha.
The bedroom has a ceiling fan, and I use it quite a bit while sleeping to cool off. The AC here is decent and they switch over from heat to AC sometime in March. A lot of snow birds come down here for the winter from Canada, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
There is a gate that closes here around 7 on the weekdays and 6 on the weekends, and you'll need a remote control to get in at night. Make sure to ask for a battery replacement for your remote if you are going to stay for a while. The one I got had an almost dead battery. I took some pics of my room from the inside, and it's a bit messy from living here for 5 months.
To summarize, I would recommend staying here if you are going to stay in Scottsdale for a while, but the prices are a bit steep. I probably won't come back just because if I do move back to Scottsdale next winter, I will look to move into a room instead of having my own place to save costs.
BTW, if you like the party scene, check out Mint, and the newly opened Ria in Old Town, and there are also a lot of college bars on Mill Ave. I prefer Old Town though. Drinks are quite a bit cheaper on Mill. I've ridden my bike on the trail in the park. You can ride it all the way down to ASU, although you need to ride on the streets for a few blocks. I've also ridden it north almost to Safeway. Definitely worth bringing a bike if you are going to be driving down.
Conrad D., 4/29/2013 The Housing Forum  

Users-icon2It was a great landing place for a temporary housing situation. Adjacent to Scottsdale's longest park, you can't go wrong.
Keith D., 4/20/2013 Customer Lobby

Users-icon2My wife and I stayed at Park Suites for about 3 weeks for business. We had previously been staying in hotels in Scottsdale - but this experience was much better. We found the facilities very clean and well-maintained, comfortable, quiet. The staff - Faby, Ashley, and Kelsie - all very competent and energetic and a pleasure to deal with. We noticed the other guests we met there all seemed pleased with Park Suites too. Highly recommended for staying in Scottsdale area.
James C., 3/30/2013 TripAdvisor

Users-icon2Excellent staff both behind the desk and maintenance upkeep. Always doing something to make things better. Classy!
Tony R., 3/01/2013 Cutomer Lobby

Users-icon2As a medical student, I don't have much time to worry about food, security, etc. Scottsdale Park Suites provided everything I needed and I will highly recommend to future medical students from my school.
Amit B., 2/04/2013 Customer Lobby

Users-icon2Beautiful. Thank you for every thing. It is nice place. I love it and the staffs are nice also.
Byan A., 2/01/2013 Customer Lobby

Users-icon2We spent two months at Scottsdale Park Suites August and September 2012 and the only thing we can say is that our stay was just perfect, everything is very well look after and the staff are great from Housekeeping to Reception, everyone, we really felt at home and we highly recomend this place,
Thanks a lot, we´ll be back, Jose and Carmen (Alicante) SPAIN
Ribera, 12/15/2012 TripAdvisor

Users-icon2If you are in phoenix area for a short time say 2-3 months or on a long vacation of 1-3 months, this is the place to be. Fully furnished apartments. In summer you pay quite less. All utilities paid, and free golf, La fitness and interesting restaurant coupons. Staying there since two months and love it.
Yatri, 9/02/2012 TripAdvisor

Users-icon2The grounds, facility and staff at SPS were beyond excellent. I would recommend to anyone headed to Scottsdale.
Cody P., 8/07/2012 Customer Lobby

Users-icon2Loved the location, liked the bike trail being so close, and enjoyed LA fitness. Freebies were nice to give us an idea of what was in the area. People and service was friendly. Very accommodating. 
Anne E., 4/19/12 Customer Lobby

Users-icon2Loved it so much we signed a lease, 10 months later we are just as pleased. Staff is top-notch --beautiful ladies-- and maintenance is METICULOUS in grounds maintenance. Towering palms set the foreground for beautiful Arizona sunsets, and 4 lakes along the "greenbelt" are just outside the back gate! It's a paradise here!
Stephen S., 2/22/2012 Customer Lobby

Users-icon2I was very pleased after talking with the staff and touring the property and decided this was a perfect location for my stay in Scottsdale. The grounds were very clean and kept up, I liked the fact that it is a quiet atmosphere. After comparing prices with other hotel complexes in the Scottsdale area, I made my decision to go to Scottsdale Park Suites because of their amazing all-inclusive prices. I enjoyed having a kitchen area where I was able cook, another way I saved a lot of money! All the staff members were extremely friendly and helpful. When I first toured the property, they informed me of their "freebies", something I have never heard of a hotel complex doing before! They include free passes to LA Fitness & free golf everyday! I'm not much of a golfer, but I used the LA fitness pass frequently! They also have coupons everyday of the week for free dining at places close to the complex. Since I was new to the Scottsdale area, I asked the leasing agent, of Scottsdale attractions in the area and received helpful information on shopping malls, restaurants, dry cleaners (free pick-up to the hotel), banks, everything! I'm sad to have to leave, but look forward to visiting next year.
Ashley L., 10/18/2011 TripAdvisor

Users-icon2I have enjoyed living here very much. I found the location convenient; staff is friendly and professional and the grounds are well kept.
Thomas S., 5 Mos., 9/15/2011 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2The staff has accomodated me with their kindness and gone out of their way to help me.
David, May 2011 - Present, 9/22/11 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2I traveled there with my son to start his job, We did not have to much time before his first day of work. This is a furnished hotel suite. The staff members are friendly and helpful. They also have a lot of freebies even I did not have chance to use much. The mattress is firm. The room is clean. There are grocery store., Walgreen, Wal-mart super store within 5 miles radius. It's a excellence place to stay if you just come to the town and need some time to figure out where to stay eventually.
IJ927, 5/27/11 TripAdvisor

Users-icon2This the best run type of establishment i have ever encountered. The staff is above anything you find in the hotel sector. Since it is Private run they take the experience rendered to a degree you cant find anywhere, especially in Arizona. Every concern is remedied ASAP.
Joe M., 05/22/2011 Yelp

Users-icon2This is the best place I've ever stayed -- the office people and other employees are so helpful and knowledgeable. I would stay here again and probably will. The amenities are great. A lot for the money.
Dorothy M., 2 nights., 4/8/2011 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2I have never stayed at a place where I felt more cared for with such a pleasant environment. Wonderful staff, residents, fabulous location, great amenities! Wish I could have stayed longer.
C. Canale., 2 mos., 12/20/2010 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2I had a great stay while I waited to buy my first home. Staff is very friendly and helpful! The free stuff everyday is a definite plus. Location is great as well.
Ross K., 4 mos., 10/2/2010 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2The location was the greatest. Visiting the Scottsdale area I was able to park my car and walk everywhere.
Steve B., 1 mo., 11/15/10 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2I thoroughly enjoy every minute of life here at Park Suites.  The list of all-inclusive benefits is overwhelming, all my friends are astounded that any complex could offer such.  My second biggest praise goes to the staff; both front office and complex workers.  Friendly and helpful!  My biggest praise is: location, location, location!  My back porch view is teaming with life:  Canadian Geese, Egret, ducks, and birds honking and quacking and chirping (if only I open my sliding glass doors to hear them).  People are bicycling, walking, jogging, and playing Frisbee-golf along the lakes and walkways of the greenbelt behind us all day long - endless fascinating hours of entertainment.  My front second-story porch view is of the beautiful blue pool and emerald-green grass beyond, and the six-story tropical palm trees above.  The free Scottsdale Trolley runs right by us, taking us to Scottsdale Fashion Square and Old Town Scottsdale every 30 minutes.  Wow, I feel like I am in paradise! Great job, Scottsdale "Paradise" Suites!!!
Steve S. , 11/04/2011 Yelp

Users-icon2Love you guys!
Mohmad H., 1 mo., 10/29/10 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2Scottsdale Park Suites is an awesome place to stay. I stayed here for 2 months (came from India) and always felt like home. The best part of this place is the staff are very co-operative and friendly. Room are good and there are two good tennis courts where you can enjoy your evening.
Pushkar A., 2 mos Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2The accommodations are exceptional. The staff is professional and extremely accommodating. My stay began as a short-term rental that has now seen 18 months pass. To live here, with the friendly staff and fellow residents, it has a feel of "resort" living. Thank you Scottsdale Park Suites.
Tim C., 18 Months, 9/9/10 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2If I thought any other place could be better I would move, but since this is absolutely the best setup in the Valley, I plan to stay!
Jim D., 1 year lease, 9/7/2010 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2I moved into SPS on May 11, 2010 and I can say that it couldn't have been a better decision. I have lived in many rental properties and this is clearly one of the best managed and well-maintained of them all. Plus, the staff is terrific and the complex is extremely quiet. Bravo!
Brian K., 4 mos., 9/11/2010 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2I loved this place! Would recommend to anyone! Great service; staff and accommodations! Five star rating! Lots to do, perfect location! Love the free stuff and everything at one great price with utilities, internet, etc., all included. Easy transition!
Holly M., 1 yr., 9/2010 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2I would just like to say that my experience at Scottsdale Park Suites has been outstanding. The staff that consists of Wendy, Faby, and Ashley whom I have each dealt with is great. They have provided me with exceptional customer service and have made my stay here a very pleasant one. They have all gone above and beyond in making my stay a very pleasant experience. And they are always pleasant and very friendly. During my stay they have addresed any needs that I have had with the apartment. I have been here 3 months and feel that this apartment complex is great for short term leases the prices are reasonable for the amenities that you receive in return. I would recommend this complex for anyone who needs to come to the area whether it is for a short term or long term basis. To be honest if it wasn't for my current situation I would stay even longer. If I ever needed to return to Scottsdale or the valley area I would definitely stay here again without even thinking twice. 
Lyndon B., 3 mos., 9/30/2010 Testimonial Binder

Users-icon2Thanks so much for your help and time this past month. Everyone has been so-o-o positive, knowledgeable, professional and caring. We hope to see all of you next year. 
Bev and Darol K. (See illustration below) Testimonial Binder

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